SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed With Desk And Wardrobe

SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed With Desk And Wardrobe

The SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Wardrobe is a multifunctional piece of furniture designed to maximize space in smaller rooms or for those seeking a compact living solution.

This loft bed combines a sleeping area, workspace, and storage in one unit, making it an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms, teenagers’ rooms, or guest rooms.

Merax Twin Size Loft Bed with Wardrobe and Staircase, Desk and Storage Drawers and Cabinet
  • ① [Large Storage Space] This loft bed is made up of several pieces: a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, three drawers, an open storage cabinet, and even a storage staircase! And the attached staircase also offers storage space for you
  • ② [Space-Saving Design] This loft bed is definitely a good value of multi-functional loft bed selection for who is a space-saving lover
  • ③ [Designed for safety] Solid framework and firmly fixed wooden slats inside ensure durability, and stability and provide a noise-free environment
  • ④ [Modern Design] Crafted of solid pine wood and MDF, this loft bed strikes a streamlined silhouette featuring rectangular panels with details
  • ⑤ [Easy Assembly] Each order comes with a clear and detailed assembly instruction guide and all necessary tools are provided to get your bed assembled in no time

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  • Design and Material: These beds are typically crafted with durability and safety in mind, using sturdy materials such as metal or solid wood. The design prioritizes stability, often featuring guardrails around the bed to prevent falls.
  • Bed Size: This bed accommodates a twin mattress (not always included), making it suitable for a single sleeper. It is raised and accessible via a ladder, creating functional space beneath.
  • Desk: A built-in desk underneath the bed provides a convenient area for studying, reading, or computer work. The desk space is designed to be ergonomic and space-efficient.
  • Wardrobe: Integrated wardrobe or closet space offers ample room for clothing and other personal items, helping to keep the room organized and clutter-free.
  • Additional Storage: Besides the wardrobe, these beds often include additional storage solutions like shelves or drawers for books, toys, or office supplies.
  • Space-Saving: By combining multiple pieces of furniture into one structure, this loft bed saves significant floor space, making it ideal for small bedrooms or studio apartments.
  • Versatility: The design caters to both children and adults, offering a practical sleeping solution alongside workspace and storage without compromising on style.


  • Maximizes bedroom space efficiently.
  • Offers a comprehensive solution that includes sleeping, working, and storage areas.
  • Durable construction designed for long-term use.
  • Safety features like guardrails provide peace of mind for younger users.


  • Assembly can be complex and time-consuming.
  • The height of the loft bed may not be suitable for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Not easily movable once assembled due to its integrated features and size.

Ideal For:

  • Children and teenagers who need a combined study and sleeping area.
  • Small apartments or homes with limited bedroom space.
  • Guest rooms that can double as a home office.

This product overview of the SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Wardrobe highlights its multifunctional design, which optimizes living spaces efficiently. Its combination of practical features addresses the needs of modern compact living while ensuring comfort and safety.

It comes in a beautiful pink color scheme and is designed to be multifunctional. The bottom portion of the loft can be used as a full bed for guests or transformed into two bench seats with a desk in between. It has maximum storage, with cubbies in the stairs leading to the top bed and drawers under each seat.

This loft bed’s sturdy construction means that it can accommodate a wide range of children and tweens. It is made of solid pine with mortise-and-tenon construction and frame-and-panel joinery.

While a loft bed is not for everyone, it can be an excellent choice for a family who needs extra storage and wants to maximize their floor space.

The high-quality metal loft bed also includes a four-step ladder and full-length guardrails for safe, convenient, and easy access to the top bed. It also has a sturdy metal grid for hanging special items, and it is made with high-quality materials that resist stains, scratches, and UV ray exposure.

DEYOBED Twin Wooden Bunk Loft Bed with Shelves Desk and Wardrobe for Kids Teens Adults, White
  • Versatile Storage: Wardrobe with hanging pole and double-deck shelf for maximizing storage space.
  • Maximized Space: Utilizes floor space with shelves, desk, and optional lower bed for a cozy rest, work, and play area.
  • Solid Construction: Crafted from solid pine wood and commercial grade MDF board for durability, with solidly attached guardrails for added safety.
  • Health and Comfort: No box spring required, wood frame with slats for support and ventilation to keep the mattress fresh.
  • Dimensions: 87.6″L x 78.7″W x 65″H. Mattress not included. Assembly required, clear instructions and tools provided.

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SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed Specs

Given that product specifications can vary by model, I’ll provide a general outline of what you might expect from the SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Wardrobe in terms of specifications.

Please note that for the most accurate and specific details, it would be best to consult the product listing or manufacturer’s documentation.

General Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: Approximately L x W x H (the specific measurements can vary, but it’s designed to fit a twin-size mattress).
    • Bed Size: Designed for a Twin mattress (39 inches x 75 inches).
    • Desk Area: Variable dimensions, but typically sized to comfortably accommodate a chair and computer setup.
    • Wardrobe: Dimensions can vary, but it is designed to provide ample storage for clothing and accessories.
  • Material:
    • Frame: Frames are often made from high-quality solid wood (for durability and aesthetic appeal) or metal (for strength and a modern look).
    • Desk: Wood or engineered wood, sometimes with metal supports.
    • Wardrobe: Wood or engineered wood construction.
  • Weight Capacity:
    • Bed: Typically supports up to 200-250 lbs, suitable for a single sleeper.
  • Color Options:
    • Varies by model. Common options include natural wood finishes, white, black, or gray.
  • Assembly Required: Yes, detailed instructions are provided.


  • Safety Features:
    • Guardrails around the sleeping area to prevent falls.
    • Sturdy ladder for safe and easy access to the bed.
  • Storage Solutions:
    • Built-in wardrobe/closet.
    • Shelves or drawers for additional storage.
    • Desk with workspace area.

Included in the Box:

  • Loft bed frame
  • Ladder
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe components
  • Assembly instructions and necessary hardware

Not Included:

  • Mattress
  • Bedding
  • Chair for the desk


  • A limited warranty period (specific duration varies) covers manufacturing defects.

Please check the specific product you want for accurate dimensions, materials, color options, and any additional features or accessories that may be included or available.

HABUHOME Twin Size Loft Bed with Drawers,Desk and Wardrobe, Wooden LoftBed with Shelf for Kids/Teens/Bedroom, White
  • 【Maximized space】 It takes advantage of the floor space, and allows for a cozy rest, extra work and play space and makes a great piece of furniture for growing families. Coming with drawers and desk, the twin size loft bed helps to store books, display decorations, or to place a laptop.
  • 【Versatility galore】 The wardrobe comes with a pole in it. It provides extra space to hang your clothes. There is a small shelf at the head of the loft bed where you can keep some small items.
  • 【Solid Construction】 This muti-functional loft bed is crafted from a solid pine wood frame, with commercial grade MDF board for quality control and durability. Guardrails are solidly attached for added safety.
  • 【Health and Comfort】 No box spring required, and without needing a foundation. The wood bed frame is sturdy and comes with slats for extra support and ensures air moves freely around your mattress to keep it fresh for years to come.
  • Dimensions: 78.3″L x 44″W x 65″H. Mattress not included. Some assembly is required, although we have provided clear instructions and tools.

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SONGMICS Full Loft Bed with a Sliding Desk and Wardrobe

A loft bed is an innovative and space-saving addition to any bedroom. It allows kids or teenagers to sleep above a desk where they can do homework, work on crafts or do other activities.

If you’re looking for a great full loft bed with a desk and wardrobe, look no further than the SONGMICS. This bed is made with premium wood materials and does not require a box spring. It also includes a built-in ladder, making getting up and down the loft easy.

It features a full-length guardrail and is made with sturdy metal framing, so it will be safe to use. There are two triangular shelves underneath the bed and a large desk below.

The built-in desk is long enough to accommodate a computer and books, so it’s perfect for those who like to study or do their homework. It also has a storage area for supplies and a built-in dresser on the end to store clothing and other items.

In addition to having a desk and a dresser, this loft bed has many other features that make it very functional for your child’s room. Its 68″ height gives your child enough room to sit and use the desk below, and it’s designed with 15 slats for a secure mattress area.

It comes in various colors, so it will match any decor. It also has a ladder and guard rails, so your child will be safe while sleeping in the loft.

A loft bed with a desk and wardrobe is ideal for families with limited space. A wall separates the desk and wardrobe, so this piece of furniture can be used to create a separate bedroom without taking up too much space in the main bedroom.

This 71″ high loft bed can hold a full-size mattress, and it has a strong ladder for upper access. It is also designed with a metal frame and manufactured wood shelving for a versatile workspace below.

It’s a great option for a bedroom with a small floor plan because it can be used in either a twin or full-size bed. It’s also available in dark brown and gray, complementing any decor.

SONGMICS Full Loft Bed with a Built-In Dresser

This loft bed is stylish and functional, a winner. It uses premium woods (spruce and poplar) to create a space-saving bedroom solution that will make parents proud.

There’s also something for everyone to enjoy – a stylishly designed headboard, a sturdy ladder, and a large open space perfect for storage or play.

The best part is that it’s as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble, making it the ideal furniture for your growing family. This bed is a little more expensive than your average kid’s bedroom furniture, but it’s worth the extra cash.

The SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Wardrobe is an excellent space-saving solution combining functionality and style.

Its integrated design, featuring a comfortable sleeping area, a practical work desk, and ample storage in the form of a wardrobe and additional shelving or drawers, makes it an ideal choice for small living spaces, children’s bedrooms, or guest rooms where maximizing floor space is crucial.

The use of durable materials ensures longevity, while safety features like guardrails and a sturdy ladder offer users peace of mind.

However, potential buyers should consider the assembly process, which may be complex and time-consuming, and the fact that once assembled, the unit may be challenging to move.

Additionally, the loft bed’s height necessitates a room with a ceiling high enough to accommodate it comfortably.

Overall, the SONGMICS Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Wardrobe presents a compelling option for those looking to optimize their living space without sacrificing functionality or style.

Its versatility and comprehensive design address the needs of modern living, making it a wise investment for anyone looking to combine sleep, work, and storage into one efficient piece of furniture.

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